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Free Pre-Qualifications Online 

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  • Any Questions: Call Ed Collins anytime on my cell phone at:  


  • Apply Online: Complete our online application any time of the day and the sensitive information you provide will be transmitted securely. When completed select Edward Collins as the Loan Officer and your loan application will go to my Inbox immediately.        





Items Each Applicant Will Need When You Apply (Print this page, gather these items and email them to me at:

  • Copy of your drivers license.

  • Addresses of where you lived in the last 24 months.

  • Names and dates of all employers you've worked for over the last 24 months.  

  • Most recent pay stubs covering the last 30 days. 

  • W-2's for 2022 & 2021.

  • Copies of your most recent COMPLETE Bank Statements for the last two months for any Checking and/or Savings Accounts (statements must include the bank name, your name and the account number). 

  • Copy of your most recent COMPLETE 401-K or IRA statement.

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