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Would You Prefer To Live Here...

Owning A Home Can Be Much Better Than Renting

Wouldn't you prefer to live in a home with more space, a patio for grilling and a back yard of your own?


What if you could Buy that Home with as little as $ZERO Dollars out of your pocket and total payments no more than what you are currently paying in rent?


You can with our USDA No Down Payment LoanMy name is Ed Collins and I run the Mortgage Department at Kentucky Federal Savings & Loan. Call me at (859) 525-6655 and see for yourself how affordable owning a home can be.    

Or Here?

How Much Are You Currently Paying In Rent?

Is it $700...$800...$900...$1000 per month or maybe even more?


You may be surprised what type of home you can purchase and still have your total payment no more than rent.


And Home Ownership provides opportunities you can't get when Renting.


  • Creating Wealth By Building Equity.

  • Mortgage Interest Deduction On Your Taxes.

  • Elimination Of Future Housing Cost Increases As These Are Fixed Rate Loans.

  • Freedom From A Landlords Rules.

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