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Kentucky Federal's Refinance Loans Designed Specifically For Families Going Through A Divorce

If you need to refinance due to a divorce in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, we've designed the loan products specifically for you. We offer 4 different cash-out refinance loans up to 97% of the appraised value of your home (not limited to 80% like other Banks and Mortgage Companies). With our higher cash-out amounts you can refinance NOW, not months or years down the road.


  • Our products allow you to settle your real estate at the same time your divorce becomes final.

  • If you're retaining the home you can refinance now, pay the shared equity you owe and go on with your life. 

  • If you're vacating the home you can obtain the funds due to you now, not months or years down the road.

  • Refinancing now greatly reduces the chances of late payments affecting your credit scores. 

  • The spouse leaving the home may not be able to purchase another home since their name is still on that present mortgage.


For more information call Ed Collins at my office: (859) 525-6655, on my cell phone at: (859) 750-0213 or send me an email to:  

Items You'll Need: 

  • Copy of your Driver's License.

  • Most recent Paystubs covering the last 30 days.

  • W-2's for 2018 & 2017.

  • Most recent COMPLETE Bank Statements for the last two months for any Checking and/or Savings Accounts.

  • Copies of your most recent COMPLETE 401-K Statement.

  • Divorce Decree/Separation Agreement once available.

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