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USDA Homes in Northern Kentucky

Are you looking for USDA Homes in Northern Kentucky? Below is just a small sample of USDA Eligible Homes in N. KY that are currently listed for sale at Many more similar type homes can be found at that website which is the Multiple Listing Service in N. KY that Realtors use when they list homes for sale. The USDA Loan is an Outstanding Loan Product and Kentucky Federal is the USDA Expert in N. KY. Call Ed Collins at my office: (859) 525-6655 or on my cell phone at: (859) 750-0213 for more information or send an email to:

USDA Eligible Homes in Boone County

Sara Mirus Listing.jpg
Sherry Regenbogen 2012 Falling Water Lan
Doug Garner Silverleaf Listing.jpg

USDA Eligible Homes in Kenton County

Cindy Bruner Pepperwood Listing.jpg
Tristate Partners Listing.jpg
Johnny Hodge Listing.jpg
Missy Bricking Canberra Listing for Cele
Sue Ann Collins Listing.jpg
Tina Robinson Anna Listing.jpg
John Arlinghaus Listing.jpg
Vories Team Pumpkin Patch Listing.jpg

USDA Eligible Homes in Campbell County

Kelli Redwine Listing.jpg
Tyler 111 Valley View Drive Listing in S
Steve Morris Listing.jpg

USDA Eligible Areas In Northern Kentucky

  • Burlington
  • Hebron
  • Independence
  • Walton
  • Highland Heights
  • Cold Springs
  • Alexandria
  • All Of Grant, Owen & Pendleton Counties
For a complete listing of USDA eligible homes, visit the NKY/MLS
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