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USDA Loans In Northern Kentucky 

Kentucky Federal is the USDA Loan Expert in Northern Kentucky!

What Is A USDA Loan?

A USDA Loan is a home loan that's insured by the United States Department of Agriculture. Their goal is to promote rural development by offering the best loan product on the market.


What Are The Advantages:

USDA Loans require No Down Payment, are lenient on credit and allow the sellers to pay your closing costs. Qualified applicants can purchase a home with as little as $ZERO dollars out of your pocket. And USDA Loans offer a low fixed rate and very low monthly mortgage insurance.

Simply put: If you qualify for a USDA Loan you can shop the internet all you want and you won't beat this loan. 


What Are The Disadvantages:

USDA Loans have some area restrictions and income limits, based on the number of family members that will live in the home. The eligible areas and income and income limits in Northern Kentucky are listed below. 

  • For more information call Ed Collins at (859) 750-0213. I'm an expert on USDA Loans in Northern Kentucky.

  • Kentucky Federal consistently offers the best rates in town on USDA Loans. 

USDA Eligible Areas in Northern Kentucky






Highland Heights

Cold Springs

Grant County

Owen County

Pendleton County

Great rates, fast closings & far fewer hassles than you'll get with other lenders

640 minimum credit score required in GUS

USDA Income Limits

Boone, Kenton & Campbell Counties (N. KY)

$99,250 (family size 1-4)

$131,000 (family size 5 or more)


Grant, Owen & Pendleton Counties (N. KY)

$90,300 (family size 1-4)

$119,200 (family size 5 or more)

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